Synergy is defined as “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances or other agents to produce a combined effect that is greater than the sum of their separate effects”. These parts in our industry include our clients, vendors, planners, guests, and our whole team that make these unforgettable events spectacular! Seamless communication has been a winning formula for us and has led to so many moving parts to work cohesively. We strongly believe that our values are rooted in creating a unique, energetic, wonderfully, joyful experience-together!

The genesis of Synergy is rooted in the influence of our late great friend and mentor, Michael Sage Schindler (LSNY 2001). Michael’s approach to these special moments in the lives of our clients and friends, found its way into the hearts of many throughout the tristate area and beyond. After falling ill, Michael entrusted Brian Scotti (Director of Operations/MC) to move LSNY to another level in its evolution. Brian, who has been in this industry since the age of seventeen as an emcee and dancer, has had the privilege to take part of thousands of the most exciting and magnificent events throughout the country. Since running LSNY Events in 2014, he has spearheaded this transition to Synergy Productions. Throughout all the years, he has built a rock solid reputation of professionalism, integrity, compassion, and unparalleled dedication. Michael Sage Schindler’s approach to each and every event continues to inspire Brian and the entire Synergy team. Today, we have created, what we believe, is an event company like no other in the industry.

Our team are experienced purveyors of positive energy and consistently bring a level of genuine care, joy, and elation to each and every event-never taking for granted that each moment is special and that our connection with our clients and their guests in these moments help in creating lifelong memories.

We would be honored if you chose us to join in on the Synergy with you and to allow us to help customize your celebration and experience it ALL, for yourself!